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50 degrees in January

Yesterday was sunny and 50 degrees – January 12th in Wisconsin and 50 degrees and Sunny. I took off early so I could take Lola out to the dog park to play. I was not the only person at the dog park and the talk was about the weather and how cute everyone’s dogs are. I was in North Carolina at Duke University last week where it was also warm and sunny. They were tilling the flower beds and putting in plants. All this weather makes one start to think about Spring. This is very dangerous when you live in Wisconsin. You don’t want to start up the Spring neurons until March… at the earliest. Our normal temperature for this time of year is 25 degrees. The record low for today was -24 degrees. One does not want to think about Spring in January unless one wants to to face a very long February and March.

But, I’m happy to take advantage of any 50 degree days that come my way.

Looking for a new Digital Camera

To be more honest – I’m looking for three new digital cameras but I will buy just one.

I have an Olympus C3030 zoom which I like quite a lot. It is a few years old. It is slow to start up and slow to fire. It does take very nice pictures but the resolution is low (3Meg) compared to today’s cameras. It is a good size for carrying around town or on hikes. But this isn’t the one I want to replace.

I would like to get a really good digital SLR like the Digital Rebel. But this also isn’t the camera I’m looking for right now.

I’m doing a lot of business travel. I would like to find a good small very packable camera. I have a 007 camera from Think Geek. This is very small and quite fun. It takes okay pictures but they are great fun to take.

There are a suite of thin form factor digital cameras. They all have tiny lenses which mean low light gathering capabilities which probably means mediocre pictures. So is there a good camera which is highly packable, travels well and takes good pictures?

I am at the Fuqua Business center at Duke University. The Architecture is gorgeous. The crowd is fun. The woods are pretty. I would like to have a camera with me that I could capture this stuff at reasonable (okay, what do I mean by that?) quality. I will not pack a Digital Rebel for these trips. I don’t even pack my Olympus but I might pack something slightly smaller. If there was a credit card factor camera that takes good pictures, I would just leave it in my laptop bag.

Printable CEO – Cool but how to implement

I came across a post on Lifehacker on the Printable CEO. Printable CEO uses a set of goals which are weighted with points. You then set up your Task List based on how they align to those goals. Then you can say, “I want to accomplish 20 points of stuff this week”. You can do two big items or 20 smaller items. David Seah’s list is very business oriented.

I think this is pretty cool stuff. Especially when tied with the PocketMod idea. PocketMod’s are small booklets you make from a single 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper.

So the questions are: how can I alter the goals of Printable CEO to represent life goals instead? How do I weigh the life goals? How do you categorize and measure those tasks that are longer and life oriented? For example: Let say a life goal is to “Get In Better Shape” and say it is bound to some measure like Get In Shape for Cycling a Century in under 5 hours. If I scored that as a 10 point goal, would riding my bike to work each day count as 10 points? Is it really moving me towards that goal?

Need to put some thought in on this.

Random Quotes from TV – The Hotel Room Edition

I channel surf when I’m in hotels. I always watch stuff I never watch at home. It is kinda like camping food. Things that taste great camping really suck if you make them at home.

Random quotes from surfing tonight:

From E! – “Girls like dumb guys. They’re like big dogs.”

Somethings you hear are specific to the locale – “I work in textiles and I like my job but I’m afraid it will get outsourced overseas. That’s why I went back to school.” I do have to agree with the sentiment.