50 degrees in January

Yesterday was sunny and 50 degrees – January 12th in Wisconsin and 50 degrees and Sunny. I took off early so I could take Lola out to the dog park to play. I was not the only person at the dog park and the talk was about the weather and how cute everyone’s dogs are. I was in North Carolina at Duke University last week where it was also warm and sunny. They were tilling the flower beds and putting in plants. All this weather makes one start to think about Spring. This is very dangerous when you live in Wisconsin. You don’t want to start up the Spring neurons until March… at the earliest. Our normal temperature for this time of year is 25 degrees. The record low for today was -24 degrees. One does not want to think about Spring in January unless one wants to to face a very long February and March.

But, I’m happy to take advantage of any 50 degree days that come my way.

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