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Miniature Gardens

Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden This looks something fun to try. Two Green Thumbs has miniature garden supplies, decor and plants. Seems like a great garden hobby that would be easy to weed on weekday afternoon. Advertisements

Gnome abduction

Must have garden product from Uncommon Goods. Technorati Tags: Jim Phelps

Lola Turn’s Two

Lola in car Originally uploaded by jimphelps. Today is Lola’s birthday. Our little girl puppy is now a 2 year old dog/puppy. We are taking her out for a picnic dinner and swimming – which is her most favorite activity. Happy Birthday Lola! Hard to believe that you are now two. Technorati Tags: Dogs, Jim … Continue reading

Spelling with flickr

from the Spell with Flickr site Technorati Tags: Jim Phelps

20 years without McDonalds

I just realized that 20 years ago I swore off McDonalds (and Burger King et al). It has now officially been 2 decades without a Big Mac or anything like that. I only stop at McDonalds to pee on road trips because you can go in the side door, take a left and the Men’s … Continue reading

Dreamhost one-click upgrade: I

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.0.X via Dreamhost’s one-click upgrade process. Worked beautifully. All of my plugins and themes came across with the upgrade. I didn’t have to do a thing. Dreamhost – I ❤ U – Jim Technorati Tags: Jim Phelps, Dreamhost

Making a living in a virtual world

Wire News has a story about Making a Living in Second Life.  Second Life is a virtual world were you can live out the life of your avitar.  Within a month, Grinnell was making more in Second Life than in her real-world job as a dispatcher. And after three months she realized she could quit … Continue reading

Sleepy = Good

Sleepy = Good Originally uploaded by jimphelps. Lola after several days of hard play and fun. Sleepy dogs are good dogs.

Why don’t calendars do time zones?

My laptop and my palm both understand Time Zones. I understand Time Zones. Why don’t my calendar applications (Oracle’s Calendar and the Palm Calendar in the handheld) understand Time Zones. What I want: (1) When I create an appointment I should be able to mark the Time Zone for the appointment. I should also be … Continue reading

Cory Doctorow’s New Book – Someone Comes to Town

Cory Doctorow has a new book out Someone Comes to Town I really enjoyed his previous books: Eastern Standard Tribe and Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. Cory publishes his books as free eBooks and print books. As he said (can’t find the quote) – I’m selling more books because of the free publicity … Continue reading