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Lola gets her Spring haircut

Here are photos from Lola’s Spring clipping. It’s always fun to clip her after she has grown out all Winter. It’s like having two dogs in one. We always seem to pick a windy day to clip her coat. I feel a fine patina of fur covering my exposed skin. The process is to bath Lola the night before, clip her the next day, put everything you’ve got on into the laundry immediately and then wash up because you are covered in clippings.

She is very good about being clipped. She even wags and waits to be put up on the table. You can tell that she is thinking, “Oh boy. I like this table. This is my table. I’m the center of attention and I get an endless stream of good stinky treats.” I consider clipping Lola to be 30 minutes of controlled shedding in the place of my choosing and the time I pick. We will clip her once a month now through September or October. Then she gets to grow out for the Winter all over again.


Before pictures:

A very fuzzy dogWhat eyes

After pictures:

Ena and Lola after clippingPost Clipping She has eyes



Lola Turn’s Two

Lola in car

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Today is Lola’s birthday. Our little girl puppy is now a 2 year old dog/puppy.

We are taking her out for a picnic dinner and swimming – which is her most favorite activity.

Happy Birthday Lola!

Hard to believe that you are now two.

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Confirming our World View

We have a 15 month old Labradoodle named Lola who sleeps on the floor in our room. We are watching Sushi for our friends who are house hunting in North Carolina. Sushi sleeps in the TV room which is directly below our room in her crate.

Last night Sushi woke up at 2:30 AM and began to cry, whimper and whine. Ena and I waited patiently for her to stop crying. The last thing I wanted to do was to reinforce that crying gets her attention. She had woken up when Ena got up to use the W.C. as they say over the pond.

We listened for about a half an hour to her plaintive cries. Then I said to Lola, “Lola. Go take care of Sushi”. Lola got up, padded down the hall and down the stairs and through the kitchen. Sushi’s cries let up and quite returned to the house. A couple of minutes later, Lola padded back through the kitchen and back upstairs and back to bed.

“Siiigh” wag wag wag kerplop, Lola went back sleep on the rug.

Ena and I were amazed. “She did it!”

This just confirmed our world view that Lola is the smartest and best dog in the world. Further proof!

– Jim