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Lola gets her Spring haircut

Here are photos from Lola’s Spring clipping. It’s always fun to clip her after she has grown out all Winter. It’s like having two dogs in one. We always seem to pick a windy day to clip her coat. I feel a fine patina of fur covering my exposed skin. The process is to bath … Continue reading

A Subtile Joke

From our walk at Governor Nelson State Park today…

Evening skiing with Scott and Erik

Had a beautiful late afternoon / evening ski outing with Scott and Erik. Here are a few pictures from the outing.

Fall Photos – new desktop pictures

Lola and I went for a long walk down by New Glarus, WI on the Sugar River Trail. I took some pictures and made two into desktops. Note: The originals are really big. They are scaled for my 24″ monitor.

Looking for a new Digital Camera

To be more honest – I’m looking for three new digital cameras but I will buy just one. I have an Olympus C3030 zoom which I like quite a lot. It is a few years old. It is slow to start up and slow to fire. It does take very nice pictures but the resolution … Continue reading

Triple Posting Pictures

I have a flickr account for photos located here: My flickr photos. I also have a .Mac account where I post photos which is at: My .Mac Account Homepage. I also have gallery installed on this site which I use to post photos that I want to include in posts. It is located here: Gallery … Continue reading