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Lola gets her Spring haircut

Here are photos from Lola’s Spring clipping. It’s always fun to clip her after she has grown out all Winter. It’s like having two dogs in one. We always seem to pick a windy day to clip her coat. I feel a fine patina of fur covering my exposed skin. The process is to bath Lola the night before, clip her the next day, put everything you’ve got on into the laundry immediately and then wash up because you are covered in clippings.

She is very good about being clipped. She even wags and waits to be put up on the table. You can tell that she is thinking, “Oh boy. I like this table. This is my table. I’m the center of attention and I get an endless stream of good stinky treats.” I consider clipping Lola to be 30 minutes of controlled shedding in the place of my choosing and the time I pick. We will clip her once a month now through September or October. Then she gets to grow out for the Winter all over again.


Before pictures:

A very fuzzy dogWhat eyes

After pictures:

Ena and Lola after clippingPost Clipping She has eyes



Looking for a new Digital Camera

To be more honest – I’m looking for three new digital cameras but I will buy just one.

I have an Olympus C3030 zoom which I like quite a lot. It is a few years old. It is slow to start up and slow to fire. It does take very nice pictures but the resolution is low (3Meg) compared to today’s cameras. It is a good size for carrying around town or on hikes. But this isn’t the one I want to replace.

I would like to get a really good digital SLR like the Digital Rebel. But this also isn’t the camera I’m looking for right now.

I’m doing a lot of business travel. I would like to find a good small very packable camera. I have a 007 camera from Think Geek. This is very small and quite fun. It takes okay pictures but they are great fun to take.

There are a suite of thin form factor digital cameras. They all have tiny lenses which mean low light gathering capabilities which probably means mediocre pictures. So is there a good camera which is highly packable, travels well and takes good pictures?

I am at the Fuqua Business center at Duke University. The Architecture is gorgeous. The crowd is fun. The woods are pretty. I would like to have a camera with me that I could capture this stuff at reasonable (okay, what do I mean by that?) quality. I will not pack a Digital Rebel for these trips. I don’t even pack my Olympus but I might pack something slightly smaller. If there was a credit card factor camera that takes good pictures, I would just leave it in my laptop bag.

Triple Posting Pictures

I have a flickr account for photos located here: My flickr photos. I also have a .Mac account where I post photos which is at: My .Mac Account Homepage. I also have gallery installed on this site which I use to post photos that I want to include in posts. It is located here: Gallery on

I find myself triple posting pictures. I like to use .Mac because it is quick and dead simple and my friends and family know to look at that site. I like to use flickr for the tagging / folksonomy / social software aspects of the site. You can also automagically include photos from flickr into WordPress (the software used to run this site) though I haven’t configured that yet. And there is gallery, which is the easiest way to get pictures in-line in my posts on this site.

Triple posting pictures sucks. Each site has their own strengths and weaknesses. Any one have thoughts on this?

– Jim

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