Triple Posting Pictures

I have a flickr account for photos located here: My flickr photos. I also have a .Mac account where I post photos which is at: My .Mac Account Homepage. I also have gallery installed on this site which I use to post photos that I want to include in posts. It is located here: Gallery on

I find myself triple posting pictures. I like to use .Mac because it is quick and dead simple and my friends and family know to look at that site. I like to use flickr for the tagging / folksonomy / social software aspects of the site. You can also automagically include photos from flickr into WordPress (the software used to run this site) though I haven’t configured that yet. And there is gallery, which is the easiest way to get pictures in-line in my posts on this site.

Triple posting pictures sucks. Each site has their own strengths and weaknesses. Any one have thoughts on this?

– Jim

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1 thought on “Triple Posting Pictures

  1. ptpdx

    Jim, I would agree with your points on Flickr and .Mac. I also have both of those, although for the past year I’ve only been using Flickr. I don’t know how you use 3 accounts; that seems like a lot. I should start using .Mac again, though, since I am paying for it; and like you say, it’s so easy to use. Plus, they have given us more storage space now. Hadn’t heard of Gallery. Will have to check that out; although I post Flickr photo’s into my blog post without difficulty.

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