Printable CEO – Cool but how to implement

I came across a post on Lifehacker on the Printable CEO. Printable CEO uses a set of goals which are weighted with points. You then set up your Task List based on how they align to those goals. Then you can say, “I want to accomplish 20 points of stuff this week”. You can do two big items or 20 smaller items. David Seah’s list is very business oriented.

I think this is pretty cool stuff. Especially when tied with the PocketMod idea. PocketMod’s are small booklets you make from a single 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper.

So the questions are: how can I alter the goals of Printable CEO to represent life goals instead? How do I weigh the life goals? How do you categorize and measure those tasks that are longer and life oriented? For example: Let say a life goal is to “Get In Better Shape” and say it is bound to some measure like Get In Shape for Cycling a Century in under 5 hours. If I scored that as a 10 point goal, would riding my bike to work each day count as 10 points? Is it really moving me towards that goal?

Need to put some thought in on this.