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Tagging and Virtual Organizations

I have been espousing the idea that various conferences could choose a tag up front then implore their attendees to use that tag for their blog entries about the conference. This is a simple way to enable information aggregation from a virtual organization.

EDUCAUSE has just announced a tag for their upcoming conference. It looks like the will aggregate the various RSS feeds into a single page.

connect.educause.edu | Technology In Academia — Connect @ EDUCAUSE
Tagging the Annual Conference

If you’re blogging the conference or uploading photos from the show to a site that supports tagging (ala Flickr), please use EDUCAUSE_ANNUAL to classify your entries. We’ll be displaying aggregate information in the right-hand column at the url below:



Internet2 Collaboration Tools Phone Call 4 October 2005

### Attendees: George Brett, Steve Olshanski, John-Paul Robinson, Jim Phelps

George: Opening comment about presentation “Identity 2.0” at OSCON 2005

### Shift in Identity discusion

Students provide a lot of personal information on Facebook but they also turn on the FERPA flags to protect their information from “the institution”. Steve asked about Linked In.

Movement towards people being responsible for their own attributes and expression of their attributes.

### Agenda:

1. Review the notes from I2FMM on Jim’s blog.
2. Follow up from the I2FMM – what are the next steps.
3. Using the I2FMM and Internet2 tags.
4. Spring Member Meeting – a set of tags.

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I2FMM Collaboration Tools Presentation 2005

My Presentation can be downloaded from the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting site as a PDF .

My opening comments are included in my PDF.

George Brett’s opening comments:

1. The recent Wizards Meeting used wiki’s for real-time posting of notes and documents. This was a shift from the usual – mailing list and weekly phone call.
1. Ineternet2 has many communities of interest. Those communities can aggregate to form larger communities. You can imagine a vin diagram of nested and overlapping circles that represents these groups.
1. He will be listening to see what these people think about these topics and to look for direction for Internet2’s collaboration and communication.

JPR’s Demo of MyVOCS.

Discussion Portion of the Meeting

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