I2FMM Signet Grouper meeting 2005

Lynn McRae (Stanford) talking about the roadmap for Signet.
Tom Barton (U Chicago) discussing Grouper.

=== Signet is starting Phase 6: Proxy and bootstrapping roles. ===

Phase 7 includes rules for applying prereqs and conditions.

Release 1.0 will be a UI, XML release without a finalized API.

* next steps could include the API
* other things might take priority
* if you want to write a connector, you could use the API or the XML

SPML privilege engine would be a cool fit into Signet. Service Provisioning Markup Language

What is the correct progression or flow for all of the work that is in front of the group? Connecting Signet to other infrastructure is important in the early days – to PeopleSoft or Nexus.

Signet Subject API – Subject Java API Specification

The Signet web site on Internet2

Signet Demo

XACML markup language for expressing access control via web services call against Signet.

=== Group v0.6 – Released 16 September 05 ===

Added a GUI that fully exposes the API
Basic group and namespace management, subgroups, complete security model.

Mid- November – mostly refactoring internal functions.
Additional search capabilities

Version 1.0 due in mid-January 2006 will include Group Math

– Support for Union, Intersection and Compliment group math
– Group math will be simple

Version 1.1 due in mid-March 2006 group and membership aging and expanded configuration.

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