Internet2 Collaboration Tools Phone Call 4 October 2005

### Attendees: George Brett, Steve Olshanski, John-Paul Robinson, Jim Phelps

George: Opening comment about presentation “Identity 2.0” at OSCON 2005

### Shift in Identity discusion

Students provide a lot of personal information on Facebook but they also turn on the FERPA flags to protect their information from “the institution”. Steve asked about Linked In.

Movement towards people being responsible for their own attributes and expression of their attributes.

### Agenda:

1. Review the notes from I2FMM on Jim’s blog.
2. Follow up from the I2FMM – what are the next steps.
3. Using the I2FMM and Internet2 tags.
4. Spring Member Meeting – a set of tags.

### Next Steps and Collaboration Discussion

Request for an itinerary building – more of a My Member Meeting view
Having a simple tag or set of tags would be a simple

This group could identify collaboration tools – a few tools – that would be useful in this area.

* File Sharing
* Blog
* Wiki

Basic idea is to have a common toolset that is available to a Working Group.

* Jim pushes back on the idea that Internet2 should provide all of the tools (wiki, blog, cms, IPTV sharing system)
* Internet2 could provide a couple of aggregators – a Technorati like directory and a like aggregators

Steve – issues with Intellectual Property and Participation is based on Membership. You can only be on a working group if you are a paying member.