Week 8 starts with a scare

Update: 7PM PDT

I was about to post the blog post below when Ena got a call from her cardiologist. “Come to Urgent Care right now”. Off we went to Urgent Care about 3:00 this afternoon. I dropped Ena off and waited around for about an hour. She has been texting and she seems fine but she is still there. I haven’t heard from her since 5:30 so maybe she is in a procedure of some sort. I’m waiting to get a call that I should come pick her up or that they are keeping her over night. Don’t know which.

We had put beans on this morning in the slow cooker and we had a whole raw chicken that needed to be cooked or dealt with tonight. So I came home and went to work cutting up the chicken and packing up the beans. It was a very strange time of needing to hurry and get things done while also not being sure how long I would have to wait.

Update: 7:05PM

As I was about to post the post with update above and post below, I got a text from Ena saying, “She is ready to come home now.” So off I go to Kaiser to pick her up. Yay!

p.s. F#ck this getting old sh*t.

<the original post>

Last night at 10PM, Ena had an angina attack. Her drugs worked and she slept well and seems fine this morning. But still, it would be Sunday night at 10PM not Wednesday at 11AM when these things happen. I was timing her drugs, getting her comfy, and thinking, “5 more minutes and I call for an ambulance”. Fortunately, I didn’t need to make that call.

She has a call with her cardiologist tomorrow morning early so we can learn more about next steps. It has been 4 ½ weeks since her last attack so that is good. And her Nitroglycerin tablets did their trick and her symptoms went away in 10 minutes or so. Also a good thing.

She has a little Nitroglycerin tablet necklace that she carries. When she pulled it out to take her pills, it felt a bit like an old movie when elderly aunt suddenly calls out to the butler or maid, “my pills, my pills!” as they clutch at their chest. Her event wasn’t that melodramatic. Scary and dramatic, yes. I’m kind of amazed we both slept well last night after that.

Otherwise, it is hard to believe that this is the start of week 8 of the COVID-19 Seattle Don’t Meet Up.

The weather has continued to be nice – with rain to help wash the pollen out of the air and to keep things watered. Ena spent some time reading out on the deck yesterday while I went for a walk. It will be good to get her off crutches. Hopefully, she can start rehab and walking without crutches (at least move to just one crutch) next Monday.

We had a lovely virtual chat with Paul and Jo Hobson on Friday evening. Paul was supposed to come down for a visit in a couple of weeks. Instead, we had FaceTime drinks and a chat. Paul and I really are brothers from another mother. I do miss them both, and their kids, dearly. It was nice when they were in North Shore. They seemed close and accessible even if we didn’t visit as much as we liked.

On Sunday we chatted with Ruth and Ceri in Wales. It was great to see them again. It brings back wonderful memories of our trip to England and our time with them both. They picked us up from the train (before it turned into a bus to Cardiff) and took us out to Tintern Abbey. Ruth loaned us her flat (which was lovely) and Ceri chauffeured us around and played tour guide quite well. We had lovely walks in the Welsh countryside and dinners out.


These virtual chats do lift my spirit. We need to do more of them. It is about time to catch up again with Christy and Ryan and our cousins Michael and Bev.

Stay well and stay safe. Connect with the ones you love and miss. Fill your heart with glad things as we plow headlong along this unpaved and unmarked pandemic road.