7 Weeks and 2 shirts

So week seven of working at home closes. How many more? 50? Sigh…

Tonight I wonder if I can do it. If I can make it through to the end of all of this in all of its aspects: health, social, financial, political. Tonight is a down night. I look around and I see things that need to be done or threats – boxes that need to be unpacked and groceries that need to be sanitized. I was looking for a small Apple charger and every drawer I opened I thought, “I should really clean this out.”

Brain – that is not really the help I need right now.

It didn’t help that I looked at a work email from the President of UW that was talking about the unknown financial impacts to the University. They are big – what ever they are. I had just come in from planting some new native plants out back and I was feeling pretty good. I needed to get on my computer for a minute to look at the list of native plants that I’m thinking of ordering when I saw the email. I really shouldn’t have read it. Once again, brain – not really the help I need right now.

I also noticed that I have bleach marks on two of my shirts. I’m sure that this is from disinfecting everything that comes in to the house. So now I have a new thing to add the protection procedures – change into old clothes first.

I find myself looking for solace in aphorisms and Winnie the Pooh. There are so many news stories about – “What is the worst thing that could happen” like what if next Fall/Winter’s influenza season is also awful at the same time COVID-19 Part 2 hits the box office. The What Ifs are not really the help I need right now.

Someday, in a week or so, Ena will be off her crutches and more able to help I hope. That’s a positive thing to look forward too. She hasn’t had another angina attack since the one right after her surgery (4 weeks ago). That’s another good thing to think about. Spring is springing in a big way now.

As for the What Ifs that run through my brain? I look to Pooh’s and Piglet.

Stay well. I’m pulling for you. We will get through together.