Is this over yet?

I feel like I suddenly lost my… reserve… gumption… bottle as the Brits would say… for getting through this whole SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. It happened about the time I drug my hoodie sleeve through the raw chicken and herb mix I was putting together for dinner.

How did the English get through WWII? That was years of no meat, little milk and butter, bombs falling from the sky, men disappearing to war to never return. And so soon on the heels of WWI where they lost so many men. Whole towns were decimated.

I just been doing this shelter-in-place thing for 5 weeks. Nothing compared to the Blitz that went on for just over 8 months. Though, we are looking at something similar if not longer.

The weather is absolutely lovely. Our yard and garden is starting to put on its full Spring Showcase. I’m so tired of walking in the neighborhood. It is a fine neighborhood – all urban/suburban. But really, how many times can you walk around the same 4 square miles looking at the same houses before you go a bit nuts.

I’ll have a G&T, think of lovely times in the UK and Ceri and Ruth, and hope that I wake up tomorrow with my grrrr back to see through another 5 weeks of this.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. We’re all in this together. I’m pulling for you.