What day is it? And raccoons.

This morning I woke up and really had no idea what day it was. I was sure it was a work day but that was about it. So I made this:

I have also been working in the yard. I said that the raccoons tore up part of our yard looking for chaffer beetle larva. The right half of this photo, the dirt, is all the lawn that the little trash pandas pulled up.

They are cute… but a total PITA. But, this is spring and the seeds I scattered are coming up. It is a mix of grass and flowers called Fleur De Lawn from Portland Seed Company. I am adding some other flowers to the mix this year (Alyssum, Dwarf Lupin, Crimson Clover, and others). It is really lovely to sit out back amongst the daisies, clover, baby blue eyes et al. And, bonus points, you only mow it once a month.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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