The trips we take and those we don’t

Back and forth to Kaiser again yesterday a couple of times. Ena had cardiac stress tests done starting at 7:45AM. We are waiting for results. This is an odd situation. They will call Friday if there is anything really troubling in the results… otherwise, we wait until her appointment with the cardiologist early next week. So no news is good news? I guess? Seems like a call with good news would be welcome at this time.

We picked up dinner from Piatti’s last night. I’m trying to help our restaurant friends out durning this time. Really sad news from the Seattle restaurant scene (which was amazing). Tom Douglas, who owns and runs 13 restaurants including our favorite The Dahlia Lounge, says that his restaurant group is broke and he doesn’t know how he will come back from this. We try to help the others we like by buying gift cards (like at Ray’s and Cantinetta) .

There is a ritual when we get home with takeout food. I transfer everything out of the to-go containers into clean bowls and bring them in the house. The containers and packaging goes straight into the trash. This is a lot of fussbudgetry trying to keep everything decontaminated through the whole process. If Ena wasn’t on crutches, it would be a bit easier. Here is hoping that we are turning the corner on Ena’s health issues and we will just be back to the current crazy situation.