Melanoma and Modern Dance

Well, Contemporary Dance but I digress. Good news on Ena’s melanoma. It is Stage 1 meaning it hadn’t metastasized (that took me three times to spell correctly). There is no further treatment. Now we just need to get the wound on the back of her calf healed up so she can get off of crutches.

We will know more about the cardiac issues by the end of the week. The fact that the cardiologist isn’t saying, “OMG, get to urgent care immediately” makes me think that this isn’t instant death threatening. Which is kind of reassuring. Though, we would like to know what and why and what’s next.

As I said before, the things we usually do that help us get through the gray Winter (dinners out, season tickets to Seattle Rep and the Meany Center’s World Dance series) have been cancelled. Which is sad for us and heartbreaking for both of the arts organizations and the performers.

Last night we dug through YouTube and watched some Grupo Corpo. Grupo Corpo is a (are a) Brazilian contemporary dance group. Their choreography is a mix of traditional afro-brazilian dance, ballet and contemporary dance. It is very accessible. Technically, they are stunning. When the whole ensemble dances in unison – they are in unison. Skirts all settle at the same moment.

Onqotô has a laid back tango feel. Sensual and lovely. Sem Mim brings the afro-brazilian beat and rapid movement together. The physicality, fitness and energy of the dancers is amazing. Grupo Corpo is posting dance performances on their site.

Take some time out from the crazy and enjoy a world-class contemporary dance group and lose yourself in art for bit.

Stay well.


Edit: corrected the spelling of Grupo Corpo. JP