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Starting a new blog

Hi All,

I have a few blogs in my life that I maintain: two work blogs – one public blog called I.T. Architect in Academia and one private blog that I use to store my notes from meetings, an old personal blog called iMind – a place outside my head at .Mac and now this new personal blog.

I have been traveling for work and pleasure a lot recently. My old personal blog was driven by the iBlog application. iBlog is a desktop blogging app that you then sync with .Mac. If you blog from just one computer, then iBlog works pretty well. Hacking the layout is a bit painful. Integration of other applications is tough too. I found that I just couldn’t blog when I wanted to because I was on the road and that I could integrate the other pieces of my digital life as easily as I wanted.

Thus. iMind version 2.0 is born.


Grab the RSS feed and follow along.

– Jim

Identity Assertions, Extending Services and my Cell Phone

When my cell phone rings, I flip open the cover and check the phone number of the caller. If the caller’s number is blocked or is not in my address book, I usually let the call go to voice mail. If the caller leaves a message, I listen to the message and then decide whether or not I will call them back. This is a simple case of Identity Assertion, Checking Access Rights and Extending Service.

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I2FMM Collaboration Tools Presentation 2005

My Presentation can be downloaded from the Internet2 Fall Member Meeting site as a PDF .

My opening comments are included in my PDF.

George Brett’s opening comments:

1. The recent Wizards Meeting used wiki’s for real-time posting of notes and documents. This was a shift from the usual – mailing list and weekly phone call.
1. Ineternet2 has many communities of interest. Those communities can aggregate to form larger communities. You can imagine a vin diagram of nested and overlapping circles that represents these groups.
1. He will be listening to see what these people think about these topics and to look for direction for Internet2’s collaboration and communication.

JPR’s Demo of MyVOCS.

Discussion Portion of the Meeting

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