Starting a new blog

Hi All,

I have a few blogs in my life that I maintain: two work blogs – one public blog called I.T. Architect in Academia and one private blog that I use to store my notes from meetings, an old personal blog called iMind – a place outside my head at .Mac and now this new personal blog.

I have been traveling for work and pleasure a lot recently. My old personal blog was driven by the iBlog application. iBlog is a desktop blogging app that you then sync with .Mac. If you blog from just one computer, then iBlog works pretty well. Hacking the layout is a bit painful. Integration of other applications is tough too. I found that I just couldn’t blog when I wanted to because I was on the road and that I could integrate the other pieces of my digital life as easily as I wanted.

Thus. iMind version 2.0 is born.


Grab the RSS feed and follow along.

– Jim