NMI-EDIT CAMP – Monday 27 June 2005

Keith’s Opening Presentation

Dealing with new hires. Desire to deliver email prior to hire. Getting HR to understand that they are part of a larger flow. The only interest isn’t just in the HR department.

Can’t treat the value of the identity of a “potential student” as equal with a “PI” on campus.

What do you want to do for people? Getting agreement on that on campus is 80% of the work.

We have to create a vision of the better place to be. Then you can talk about the vision for the future and the techniques for getting there

Key functions of the future:

  1. Reflect – track information from key systems. Can’t gather all information from all systems but pick the best source for the population
  2. Join – combine identities from various sources to represent the actual individuals.

Michael Gettes – Credentialing

What are the process (business process) that you have for credentialling?