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What is with “Automated Folksonomy”? Oxymoronic at best.

>TagCloud is an automated Folksonomy tool. Essentially, TagCloud searches any number of RSS feed you specify…

I keep running into the term “Automated Folksonomy tool”. To me, this is like “Fresh Frozen” or “Hand Made by a Robot”. The point of a “Folksonomy” is that there are people – real live human flesh and blood – adding terms which provide social value and content evaluation. Folksonomies aren’t about extracting metadata. Folksonomies are about people, who have similar social knowledge, judging content and adding metadata based on their personal assessment. The term “cool” or “gnarly” or “awesome hack” have social value that is not extractable by a bot crawling RSS feeds. If my friends in my social circle tag something as “cool” or “awesome” then I will want to look at that object. It is their judgement that I value and the tag is a way for them to share their judgement with others.

TagCloud may be “cool” or an “awesome hack” but please spare me on the automated folksonomy stuff. Automated Folksonomy is a pile of Fresh Frozen Hand Made by a Robot stuff.

2 thoughts on “Search engine optimization and Online marketing: Wondeful RSS Tool- Tagcloud

  1. jhherren

    Yep, you aren’t the first person to point out the fact that “automated folksonomy” makes as much sense as “jumbo shrimp.” Lately I’ve been referring to what we do as “fauxsonomy.” TagCloud isn’t going to give you organic results like that are useful for recommendations, but we’ve seen lots of interesting results in other ways such as spotting trends in context and comparing groups of feeds. One of the goals of the project is to open up the analyzed feed data so others can use it in interesting ways.

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