Clay Shirky on “On The Media” – Wikipedia as fast response news source

Clay Shirky was interviewed on “On The Media” on the July 8, 2005 show. Clay discusses the history of the Wikipedia, vandalism of wikis and the ability of the Wikipedia to act as a quick response news source. They discuss the Tsunami and London bomb blast pages as examples.

Favorite quote:

>”Whenever there is a really major disaster but no immediate news, the people on cable are often vamping because they have to keep repeating the basic story on the chance that someone has just tuned in even in the absence of any new information. Wikipedia solves that problem while, at the same time, having a symbiotic relationship with those news outlets because it points people to the written form of stories”

To me, this has the same implications for enterprise communication and collaboration (and virtual organization comm and coll). Instead of repeating the same information in meetings, a wiki can gather the decisions, details, facts and pointers about a topic easily.

You can download the show as an MP3 or subscribe to the podcast which is my favorite method of getting these sound files. Clay’s segment starts at about the 13:50 mark.

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  1. […] We are writing about it today because it became the best and most reliable center of knowledge as information became available about the London bombings on July 7. We posted about the attacks here, and noted in last weeks Web 2.0 wrapup that while the BBC and other news sites couldn’t keep up, wikipedia marched along without a hiccup and kept the world informed. Clay Shirky spoke about it, and Jim Phelps picked it up here: […]

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