Advanced CAMP – Enterprise Workflow 2nd day

Policy and Process Discussion Ken K opens with a very funny cat herding video Richard – Penn State 2004 Strategic Initiative was developed along with a plan. Purchased the Fujitsu workflow engine on Linux on a Mainframe. Moving 75 Mainframe forms. 2 academic and 1 financial process will be done first. Will establish a Workflow … Continue reading Advanced CAMP – Enterprise Workflow 2nd day

Advanded CAMP – Afternoon Session

Case Studies My presentation I have posted separately here: Educause CAMP Enterprise Workflow Case Study You can also find it onmy EDUCAUSE Profile Page Manish Devjani – NYU NYU is using Oracle Workflow as a stand-alone system. They have several automated workflows in place: Budget Integration Application (Modification, Submission, Capital Projects, Grants), Personnel Action Submission … Continue reading Advanded CAMP – Afternoon Session

Advanced CAMP – Enterprise Workflow Morning Session

I’m in Burlington Vermont – just after the flood – attending the EDUCAUSE Advanced Camp on Workflow Models and Technologies. This meeting has a wiki space at Internet2. Paul Hill, Bob Morgan – Opening Presentation Discussion around “what is workflow” Is there a difference between Human Workflow and Business Process Orchestration? Industry will use the … Continue reading Advanced CAMP – Enterprise Workflow Morning Session

Tagging and Virtual Organizations

I have been espousing the idea that various conferences could choose a tag up front then implore their attendees to use that tag for their blog entries about the conference. This is a simple way to enable information aggregation from a virtual organization. EDUCAUSE has just announced a tag for their upcoming conference. It looks … Continue reading Tagging and Virtual Organizations