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.edu as an underground?

Lifehacker ( has an article they are running called Discover the .EDU Underground

Little appreciated outside the world of academia, there are literally thousands of .edu sites bursting with incredibly useful and interesting information and resources.

Interesting list of finds about Art, Science, Space, Humanities, Photography, History and everything. Interesting that learning about the web projects in higher education is such a “discovery”. There is a story here about our outreach efforts.

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El Clan Destino

Lola has a friend Liam who has an owner Jamie who is in a hot Afro-Cuban jazz band called El Clan Destino. They really cook. Head over to their web site and click on Listen. Check out El Rukus and Ponle La Clava live (if you like hot fusion jazz). Undine is a more traditional Afro-Cuban jazz.

Great fun to know there is hot jazz band in town and I know a member of the band and his dog.

Happy Anniversary – from New York

I’m in New York at the Common Solutions Group meeting. So I had to do remote celebration for our fifth wedding anniversary. I called Ena this morning and guided her around the house to presents that I had hidden around the house. It was pretty entertaining to hear her searching for the hiding places. This modern life: conference call for anniversaries now 😉

Jim and others on a dinner cruise

This is from Gavin Eadie‘s photo album – picture of me and others on our dinner cruise last night.

Lola Turn’s Two

Lola in car

Originally uploaded by jimphelps.

Today is Lola’s birthday. Our little girl puppy is now a 2 year old dog/puppy.

We are taking her out for a picnic dinner and swimming – which is her most favorite activity.

Happy Birthday Lola!

Hard to believe that you are now two.

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