Rain, Mighty Mouse and This Life

We had rain Saturday morning. It was a welcome rain. It gave you a comforting reason to stay in and clean the house and bake. It also washed some of the pollen down out of the sky leaving yellow-rimmed puddles and boarders around splashes. I cleaned the house and did laundry. I’m glad that Mom taught me to do these things and do them well and efficiently. I think a lot of people don’t understand that cleaning the house is a skill. That there are best-practices and efficiencies to be had in doing it well and thoughtfully. There is pleasure and looking around at a clean house afterwards too. Simple things in these crazy times.

Wood deck with pollen puddles

Ena continues her recovery. She is still on crutches though we go to the doctor today to see if / when she can start to transition off. I have started to sing the Mighty Mouse theme when I hear the ka-clonk ka-clonk of her crutching her way down the hall or up stairs. “Here she comes to save the day! That means that Mighty Mouse is on her way.” It is good to have a theme song for your recovery.

Finally, I was digging in a drawer looking for my ruler when I came across a Target Therapeutics luggage tag. I worked at Target in 1991 to 1995 (or something like that). Target was a young startup – I think I was the 25th employee. We were in a borrowed space inside of Advanced Cardiovascular Systems in Mountain View, CA (Target had spun out of ACS). There was lots of fun at work. Travel back then was easy. You had paper tickets and you could pretty much go straight out to the gate. There was real silverware on the flight to eat your food with.

Seeing the Target luggage tag seemed like looking back into a different life completely. It is hard to imagine the thread of events between then and now that make this life a complete narrative. I can. I can walk through all of my life’s events and connect the dots. It is just that right now, in so many ways, seems so disjointed from those youthful days that it is hard to believe they are both my own.

Stay well and grounded. Enjoy the simple things. Keep washing your hands.