SOA as IT Portfolio process

In the SOA Migration Strategy planning, we are transitioning from DISCOVERY to PROJECT process (see the I.T. Portfolio Book). We will begin a series of projects to implement SOA in the near futureThe book talks about three models for DISCOVERY phase analysis:

  • Technology Maturity Modeling (Gartner Hype Curve)
  • See the example here:

  • Scenario Modeling – two flavors
  • Business Scenario Modeling, Business Event/Process Modeling

  • Road-map modeling

In the Technology Maturity Model, several pieces of the Web Services stack are fairly mature at this time, others are still in early stages. Overall, there is a belief that the technology is sufficiently mature that we should begin to implement.

In the Road-Map model:

  • At some point in time in the future (say 5 years), we will implement Fusion based SIS, SFS and other software (probably)
  • This will instantly make us neck deep in in the WS-* stack, BPEL and MOM
  • Given this fairly sure hard milestone in the future, we should develop a roadmap that will make us mature in this technology on or before this event.

The Scenario model is under-developed at this time.

We have an opportunity to take SOA Migration through the I.T. Portfolio processes for each phase and to think about the analysis that should occur at each step of the phase.