GTD – Outside Context

Merlin Mann of 43 Folders just posted a podcast called “Putting Geeks In Context”. One issue with the Getting Things Done process is setting up contexts for your activities. I have found that defining meaningful and useful contexts is an on-going process.

Merlin suggests (very wisely I might add) that geeks need to use two super-contexts: Computer and Non-Computer. You then focus on doing Non-Computer things (like phone calls, reading, listening etc.) someplace else besides in your office in front of your computer.

I love the idea and I will focus on using the non-computer work as an opportunity for going outside. If I can find lectures or podcasts that I need to listen to for work, I’ll load them on my iPod and go for a long walk in the middle of day. I can take long documents to Union or Terrace to read.

Great idea Merlin.