Sleepless Presentation Planning

I woke up last night at 1:30 AM with my mind suddenly racing over all of the presentations that I have to give. I was wide awake all of sudden thinking,”Okay. How many presentations am I giving in the next couple of weeks and am I ready for them?” This was literally the first question into my mind upon waking. I had to go through and list them all and match them to slide decks (Keynote slides that I have) or demos or white board exercises. I laid in bed and went through the list just like below

> Let’s see:
* Tomorrow I have the demo for the Tech Directors and I’m ready,
* Next Tuesday I have the Service Oriented Architecture Migration Strategy, I’m mostly ready though I should look through that deck once more;
* Thursday is the CIO Council presentation – that is a white board explanation and I’ve got that down,
* Friday is the demo for the eInfrastructure meeting and I have that down,
* A week from Wednesday, that is the Folksonomy talk at EDUCAUSE – I’ve got that down,
* Also that day is the Internet2 Identity Managment talk – I need to talk to Keith about that slide deck but I know the stuff in general
* Then there is the Wisconsin Digital Summit – when is that? I have the slides I need
* There is the SOA Summit – I have those slides prepared.
> Are there any more coming up? I think that it is. I feel like I’m missing one. What could it be? Should I get up and look at my calendar and see if there are any others out there I’m forgetting? No, I think that it is.

As you can see, work is busy and bit hectic and scattered. Most of these talks are over the next 2 weeks on four different topics. It doesn’t help much when I’m running on half a night’s sleep. What’s amazing is that my schedule will fling me through to the end of October. From there, it is a rush on through Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, New Years. When I look at the schedule of things above I suddenly see January peering over the edge of the horizon coming at me quickly.

Here is to a good night’s sleep.

– jjp