25 MPH on a Cargo Bike

I had an 8:30 AM meeting this morning, it was raining and I was running around looking for my rain gear (helmet cover, shoe covers, leg warmers, etc). … They will go North with me up to Door County for my century ride on Sunday but that’s another story. … I get on my bike and I start cranking it out to get into work. … I get to the first stop sign and I realize that he is in my draft. … Mike pulls out in the lead like he is going to pull for a while. … I pull out the stop and get in his draft for while then it is my turn to take lead. … I’m thinking to myself, “well, if he is going pull us at 25 MPH, I’ll pull at 25 MPH.” I’m on my commuter bike with full fenders, a rack and a 12 pound pannier with lunch, change of clothes and all my miscellany in it. I’m working hard but if we’re going to do a 25 MPH pace, then dammit, I’m going to take my pull. Suddenly Mike (as I later learn his name is) pulls along side and says, ” You do know I’m cheating don’t you?

Garmin EDGE 705 – Bugs, Bells and Whistles

I got a new Garmin EDGE 705 bike computer about 6 weeks ago. I’ve been riding 3 or 4 times a week with Garmin and have synced to several applications and a web site. The Garmin EDGE 705 has great bells and whistles but the basic function, turn-by-turn directions, is buggy and unreliable. What I … Continue reading Garmin EDGE 705 – Bugs, Bells and Whistles