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ITANA.org – bringing the catch home

  I’ve been pondering, wondering and worrying about how to bring value out of ITANA.org to the world at large.  I struck upon a metaphor over dinner with a friend at EDUCAUSE recently that brought my vision and the issues I’m pondering into sharp light for me at least.   I watched Captains Courageous, a … Continue reading

ITANA Face 2 Face – Security Architecture

Indiana University Completed a 10 year Strategic Plan which worked because they connected money to it.  You couldn’t get funding unless you showed how your project connected to one of the 71 strategic initiatives.  Completed a 10 year tactical Telecom Plan.  Instead of replacing 1/4 of the switches every year for four years, they want … Continue reading

ITANA Face 2 Face: Data Management

Data Management  Discussion: Key Issues: Data Architecture, Analysis and Design Data Security Management  – data access and security Reference and Master Data Management  – making data available rather than copying data Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Management – normalizing the data across the data warehouse Document, Record and Content Management – Meta Data Management – … Continue reading

ITANA Face 2 Face Case Studies

Duke University http://oit.duke.edu/tag/ Tech Architecture group at Duke is charged: to track emerging technology and raise issues for the CIO’s consideration review major decisions integrate into the project management lifecyle pay attention and champion certain solutions Developed small set of principles – few enough that they could remember them around four areas: Data Infrastructure Services … Continue reading

ITANA Face2Face Tools of Trade

UC Davis http://vpiet.ucdavis.edu/ Created an Administrative Services Map with eight domains. Each domain has a Domain Convener. All the Domain Conveners gather on a single governance board. Academic Personnel Adminstration Enterprise Asset Management and Planning Student and Curriculum Support Finance Information Technology Alumni and University Relations Research Payroll and HR Just bringing this fruition. Currently … Continue reading

EDUCAUSE Live event recording has been posted

The recording of my EDUCAUSE Live presentation is now available on the EDUCAUSE site. EDUCAUSE Live! IT/EA in Academia recording.

Digital Neighborhoods – Guiding design

Digital neighborhoods seem like a powerful tool for discussing technology and its impact on users (students, staff, researchers, etc) and the concept adds interesting new requirements to projects. Getting a good understanding of your users’ digital neighborhoods can guide design and deployment of new technologies and help predict impacts on the users themselves. Understanding how … Continue reading

Eat your vegis or Have A Little Green Tree – getting EA into the Enterprise

I was thinking about how, when I try to get buy-in for doing Enterprise Architecture as a holistic thing, I tend not get very far with the campus. But, when I parse out little EA bits, they catch on. I was thinking about this in terms of the metaphor: Getting Kids To Eat Vegetables. Before … Continue reading

EA in Academia Presentation

Below is a repackaged copy of my “Enterprise Architecture in Academic Environments” presentation that I gave at EDUCAUSE Mid-West Regional Conference 2008. It is packaged as a Quicktime Movie. Enterprise Architecture in Academic Environments

Measuring the value of projects

Jason Uppal of Quickresponse gave a talk on Building Enterprise Architects at the Open Group’s Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Summit. He mentioned that Toyota judges project success based on three corporate objectives: Profit from the Program Market Share Learning These facets got me thinking about our post project reviews. We tend to measure our projects on … Continue reading