Week 4 begins

About to start up my fourth week of working from home (and thinking I should wash my hands and go sanitize all the light switches). Still looking for a more normal routine. I have really dropped looking at social media, news, websites from my routine. I check them in the morning. For the most part though, and for my sanity, I just plow on with my day. I check in to see how friends are doing and what they are posting but I skip the wider “I wonder what is happening on Twitter” which is always crazy-making anyhow.

I am trying to find a good book to read that will be the right balance of captivating and lighthearted. I watched and old Jeeves and Wooster yesterday. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are such a great comedic duo. I might have to buy the complete series to get through the next few months.

I feel like we are waiting for the storm. This must be something like waiting for a hurricane to make landfall in old times before modern weather forecasts when you could see dark clouds on the horizon and rough swells and a boat pulled into harbor telling tells of 40 foot seas and winds that would blow you right off the deck. Or like waiting in England as WWII builds in Europe and you are listening to the news and wondering if war will break out and if so, will we be involved and how long it will go on for.

To keep myself buoyed up and my head above the Seas of Anxiety (located near Charybdis), I imagine the time when I will sit with friends and we will have a glass of wine and talk about COVID-19 in the past tense and be glad it is behind us.

Until then, stay well and healthy.