Brick Diagrams and related planning tools


Brick Diagram

Brick Diagram

Brick diagrams are a strategic planning tool that I mentioned in passing in my ITANA talk at EDUCAUSE.  Since then, I’ve had several people ask for more information.  So here it is… more information.


Brick Diagrams are used by NIH in their Enterprise Architecture planning process.  You can see the NIH brick diagrams and their taxonomy for the brick diagrams on the NIH EA Site.

Other institutions use similar planning tools.  Read on to see links to other places that use something similar and to download slides for a talk about Brick Diagrams that I gave to our Management Team.

British Columbia Institute of Technology uses a Technology Lifecycle Taxonomy.  You can read more about it in Leo De Sousa’s article “Discussing a Technology Lifecycle Taxonomy“.

St. Louis University uses the Project Information Master which has similar categories as the Brick Diagram and the Technology Lifecycle Taxonomy.  

Here is the slide-deck that I used when I spoke to our Management Team about Brick Diagrams:  m-team-brick-diagrams