Monthly Archives: July 2008

Frazz Hair

I get Frazz Hair when I bike. I view Frazz Hair as a measure of the quality of the ride. Good Frazz Hair means I had a good ride. This is an example of good Frazz Hair:
Frazz Hair

This hair came from a beautiful ride to Paoli, WI after a Summer rain storm. The roads were dry but it smelled like a Summer rain and wheat fields and the herbaceous scent of prairie flowers in bloom.

We were riding fast – that helps pull hair up into the vents on my helmet and make it all spiky. We were working hard so there was plenty of heat and moisture to steam-set those spikes. It was a long enough ride to give the Frazz Hair plenty of time form and build to the beautiful example you see above.

It’s a good day that ends with really good Frazz Hair.