Traditional music at dinner

We had traditional Chinese and Mongolian music at dinner. It was really cool. I won’t guess at the instruments other than to say, there were three musicians: a woman playing something that looks like a hammered dulcimer, a guy who played bowed stringed instruments and guy who played flutes.

I was listening to one song and thinking, “It sounds like it is about a river”. One of the bus/wait people went buy singing along. I stopped him (Kenny) on his way past again and asked him, “What is this song about”. He told me it is a great song, a beautiful song. “It is about the moon and the river.” Then he hustled back to his job. Amazing that those kinds of things can come through music regardless of the culture.

I really wanted to Kenny to sit down and sing and tell me about the songs. Unfortunately (for me), he had a day job he needed to keep.

I’ll post pictures and maybe movies when I get home.

It was really great. I was tempted to stay and listen until they quit.

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