Cohort of 57 Speach

I was the emcee of of a 50th birthday party for a group of friends (11 people had 50th birthdays this year that we celebrated). This is my speech for the party.

These are your formative years – cohort of 57

1957: Your birth year

Everly Brothers Bye Bye Love & Wake up little suzzie are at the top of the charts
Buddy Holly was at his peak
Paul Anka was a rock-and-roll teen idol

Arturo Toscanini has a stroke and dies 2 weeks later
Hamilton Watch Company introduces the first electric watch
Wham-O produces the first Frisbee
On E-Day, Ford introduces the Edsel
In Oct – Sputnik is launched
IBM releases FORTAN to its customers
Pina Colada was invented by Ramon Marero at Puerto Rico’s Caribe Hilton

March – Osama Bin Laden was born
1957 was one of two peaks in the baby boomer generation. 4.3 Million births

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