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Manish Devjani – NYU

NYU is using Oracle Workflow as a stand-alone system. They have several automated workflows in place: Budget Integration Application (Modification, Submission, Capital Projects, Grants), Personnel Action Submission System, Tuition Remission App, Webcard App (fund raising), Adminstrative Tools (Change Management System ModTrak, Project Management ProjTrak, ITS Services Tracking ServTrak)

The Workflow engine is embedded in the NYU portal. Authentication goes against the NYU LDAP Services.

The workflow system generates a lot of data: email notifications, logs. Issues around when do you purge, what must you archive, what are the retention policies/requirements?

Joe Sharp – Microsoft’s Workflow Strategy

Window’s Workflow Foundation – reduction of all of the various workflow efforts within Microsoft (six different engines) to one. The workflow engine was designed to be embedded inside of other solutions. The Workflow engine compiles workflows as .Net assemblies.

BizTalk Server – “premium BPM server”. Use in B2B, EAI, BPM scenarios. BizTalk Server comprised of: (bottom up) Adapters, Transformation, Messaging, Orchestration, Accelerators. Side Bars: Design Tools (down left side), BAM and Admin Tools (down right side).

“UML is lacking in the class diagram capabilities”. “Microsoft held the OMG at an arm’s length”.

WinFX: Windows Workflow Foundation,

Workflow will replace Orchestration in the BizTalk server.