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Getting Things Done

I just listened to Mimi Yin and Merlin Mann’s talks on Getting Things Done at Mimi Yin is working on interaction designs for the OSAF’s Chandler project. Merlin Mann is father of and the Hipster PDA among other things.

Both of the talks are wonderful and well worth listening too. Mimi’s talk aligns with (no surprise, I’ve heard her talk before and I swallowed the cool-aid) my writings on Collaboration Channels – I don’t want to think about protocols Merlin’s talk got me thinking about a framework for getting stuff done.

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GE Profile Range – GE Customer Service Sucks

Our $1700 GE Profile range failed on Christmas day. Our oven stopped heating even though it showed that it was still at temperature. The duck for Christmas dinner was ruined.

We have had GE Service come out 8 (EIGHT) times and we still don’t have a working oven. They have made us bring and electrician in twice (to the tune of $364.89) to prove that there was nothing wrong with the house wiring.

They threatened to charge us for our next service call even though WE HAVE ONLY OWNED THIS RANGE FOR 9 MONTHS.

That’s right folks – for 1/3 of the time we have owned this range, the oven has not worked right.

We have spent approximately 24 hours at home waiting for repair technicians – that is three days of vacation or over $2400 worth of my billable time (according to my Chief Financial Officer).

I wrote the President of GE, James P. Cambell and never heard a word from anyone at the company. The didn’t even send a blow-off letter “We got your letter and are investigating your case. Thank you for your reply.”

Copy of the Letter to James Campbell, President and CEO of GE Industrial

So, everyone, do the following for me:

(1) Link to this entry on your blog or web site. Use GE Service in your entry. Let’s see if we can get this on the top of Google
(2) Go to this URL: and let them hear your voice.
(3) Don’t buy a GE appliance (this includes the Hotpoint line as well as “several private labels”.

UPDATE: MARCH 18, 2006

Yesterday I convinced GE to replace our range (wait for it…). When I got home from work there was a message from Arlene at GE saying that Ron’s Appliance Services will delivery our new stove (wait for it…).


Ron’s Appliance Services is in Milwaukee an hour away. 1 mile away is Home Depot, 2 miles away is Kennedy Hahn (I did give GE KH’s phone number). 5 miles away is American TV and Appliance (I gave them this number too).

Why pick someplace 60 miles away when you can pick from 3 people within 10 minutes?

And… The clincher…

Ron’s only sells…. PARTS! They don’t sell new appliances!

Every time there is a fork in the road and GE has to choose between functional and inept, they pick inept.

Stay tuned for Chapter XV.


Our mistake on Ron’s.  It turned out to be RAS Appliance.

We did get our new range (almost 3 months after our old one failed).  We have turned the oven on twice and it worked both times.

Short strange trip

I was back in the San Francisco bay area (south bay) last week. I lived in the south bay for several years right after college. I took a cab from SFO down to Santa Clara on highway 101. Each exit I passed had these little flickers of remeberance.  “San Antonio… I liked San Antonio Avenue. Where did it go?  Los Altos… oh that’s right”,  “Rengsdorff… that feels industrial”,  “Mathilda… don’t like Mathilda…”

It took me a couple of days before I figured out the details of the emotions.  San Antonio – was where I lived in a nice bungelo.  Rengsdorff lead out to Target Therapeutics, the small start-up I worked for.  Mathilda was where I lived last and went through the my divorce.

While I was back there, I met up with Lisa Minshall which was most excellent.  I haven’t seen Lisa for almost a decade.  We were close close friends while I lived and worked in the bay area.   It was really wonderful to see her again.  I’m still smiling about it.

That same week (talk about synchronicity) Kathy Mah showed up on IM!  I have been searching for Kat for years.   I had googled and googled for her.  I had contacted other friends who had old phone numbers.   Kat was lost.   I had added her last known AOL screen name to my chat list “just in case”.   Suddenly she popped up.



Wow.  What a week.  What a wonderful week of reconnecting with long lost friends.