Welcome to the New Year – From the Road

Welcome to 2006. I am, once again, on the road. This time I’m in North Carolina for the Common Solutions Group meeting. I was struck by the smell of the South when I left the airport this afternoon. It is interesting that places have such strong and unique scents. The deserts of Utah and Arizona smell of sage and wet sand. Denver smells thin, cool and like pine earth. The south is rich and earthy and something like mildew (don’t take that wrong – that’s just what is smells like). Imagine if we had the noses of dogs. The smells must be as stark and different to dogs and the landscape of Mars and Venus are to us.

I have business trips lined for February and March already and April too I think. I actually have had enough business travel for a while. It is exhausting and disruptive. I took two weeks off over Christmas and New Years. I made a list of “To Dos” that had built up over the past few months while I’ve been traveling. It was 15 items long. I was as busy on vacation as I am at work – okay, I did get more naps but I needed them.

I had to get up this morning at 4:45 this morning to catch my flight. It was pretty tough after sleeping in until 7:30 for the past couple of weeks. I’m now starting to get the “all-day-business-flying” blur.

I head back home of Friday. Lola and Ena will be happy to see me I’m sure. Ena does get to make hot-and-spicey tofu stir-fry when I gone. When I leave town, Lola moves down from our bedroom to sleep on the couch in my office just inside the front door. That way she will know as soon as I get home. She is always very happy to see me which is very sweet.

I have a few other things to post but I do them separately.

Welcome to the new year everyone. Hope you had a great holiday.

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