MediaWiki Plugins

Here are some MediaWiki plugins I ran across while surfing around. NOTE: Haven’t tried any of them. YMMV.

MediaWiki Tasks
>This extension provides the ability to create tasks on any page of your MediaWiki. Also included is a highly configurable Special page for aggregateing tasks on your site by various criteria. All tasks are stored in MySQL, so the Sepcial page is extremely fast.
> You can provide several arguments to limit the tasks that are returned.
* status – Show all tasks with the specified status or higher. So, specifying “status=2” would include tasks with the status codes 2, 1, and !.
* owner – Only tasks assigned to this user.
* limit – Number of total tasks to list.
* hidden – Enable the display of hidden tasks.

MediaWiki Dublin Core
>An extension that gives a bit more Dublin Core style metadata to an article, via a new action. Quite good for projects that use MediaWiki that, like the one I’m working on, have government sponsorships that require a fair amount of easely accessable metadata.

Easy Time Line

This plugin creates graphical timelines that are pretty amazing from tabular data.
>You will find here a detailed recipee for generating graphical timelines from a simple script. You will need three small programs, which are all open source and can be downloaded from this site.

UPDATE 23 November 2005 – it appears that the Dublin Core plugin is defunct. I’m looking for another similar solution. – Jim