Maybe too much business travel

I just arrived in Orlando Florida for EDUCAUSE. I’m presenting at three different sessions (two on Identity Management and one on Folksonomies, Virtual Organizations and Enterprise Information Management). I just got into my room – a very middling Best Western Motel which is just fine but not great – when I started thinking about heading back home. Maybe I’ve been on the road enough recently. We were in Door County for the first part of September. I went from there to Philadelphia for a week. I was in Onalaska, WI for another meeting last week.

I have a trip in November (Information Technology Management Council) and one during the first week of January (Common Solutions Group) already on the books. There is another one out there in January – CalConnect Roundtable – on the 9th and 10th in Provo Utah that I will probably be sent too.

How do the salespeople do it? I’m now a Silver/Elite status flier on Northwest. I can’t imagine being Gold or Platinum – those 100,000 mile a year people. It helps if you are in a really good hotel. My hotel in Philly was a dog and this one is just okay. The hotel needs to have a really good work-out room. Being able to get a workout in daily really makes business travel a lot easier.

From the world of multitasking – I’m watching this shows on Geisha’s and this factoid just went past – the Geiko (one of the levels of geisha) will need three wigs and each wig cost $5000. That’s right, $15,000 worth of wigs.