Event & Venue Database (EVDB) – Social Sofware Event Calendar

EVDB – The Event & Venue Database

EVDB is an event calendar system based on open contributions and smart searches. Any logged in member can enter an event. Calendars and Event are tagged like in del.icio.us. The software suggests a list of popular tags (this would help with stemming of tags – Mac, MacIntosh, Apple, etc.)

When creating an event you can tag the event and mark whether the event is free or for charge. There is a Venue Search function (you can see charge-back forming now). You add the traditional information (Time, Date).

Smart Calendars are calendars based on search terms (here comes the folksonomy and social part). You can build a Smart Calendar then share the calendar with others. You can also subscribe to Smart Calendars via RSS or ICAL. Very cool.

This system does not displace the enterprise calendar application which has a strong requirement for group scheduling where all must attend. EVDB looks like a great system for one-to-many, make-it-if-you-can events and as a tool for discovering events of interest in my area.