Tagging in WordPress

I have two plugins installed in WordPress for this blog that help connect other pieces of social software. (1) Technotag allows me to insert tags for Technorati in the end of the entry. (2) del.icio.us tagging plugin crawls the post and puts up the little square graphic next to terms that match tags in delicious.

This is pretty cool stuff that begins to knit together various pieces of social software. What would I like to see next in a blog app:

1. Tags are the categories. In other words, don’t file entries in a taxonomy but just tag the entries. The tags you use would be listed like at del.icio.us and would be browse-able like categories.

2. Autopost to del.icio.us. The tags that I use for the entry would become tags for an entry in del.icio.us. I would have fields to fill out on the Write Post page for del.icio.us info (summary). The permalink would become the URL for del.icio.us.

3. I would like to enter tags via Ecto. I would like Ecto to be able to ping my blog for all of the fields that I use in my standard post. Ecto would then ask for all those bits of information.

4. I could add tags (categories) to a list of tags (categories) while editing a post. The post would automatically get tagged with these additions.