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Importance of Guessable URLs in Social Software

Guess-able URLs are URLs in which a novice user can guess the format. These are often an overlooked but important aspect of social software. If you know about del.icio.us and have a basic understanding of the URLs for del.icio.us, you can make guesses about the format of a suite of URLs.

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IT Architecture – Realms of Work

Keith and I, the two IT Architects at UW-Madison, are getting ready for a planning session for our work. We are also getting ready to hire a third IT Architect. This has started me thinking about the big picture of “what we do”. I came up with the following chart last night while thinking about this work.

As I see it, IT Architecture has 6 broad realms of work (here at UW-Madison): Identity Management, Content Management, Communication and Collaboration, Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Data Architecture and Enterprise Application Ecosystem. There are three aspects to each realm: The Issues that are related to the realm, the Technology portion of the solution and the Human portion of the solution.

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