Monthly Archives: March 2008

Sometimes you fall in love with gear

Spring Riding GearLast Fall I bought a Gore Bike Wear Tool jacket that I just love. I cross-country skied in it all Winter. Biked in it all Fall and started up biking again this wintery Spring. It is rain proof enough for rainy rides home (5 miles). It is warm enough for cold ski outings and 10 degree (F) bike commutes. It has pit zips for warmer days. I wore it today on a 45 degree, overcast road ride.

I also have a pair of climbing tights that are marvelous – useful throughout a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Metolius used to make them though they are now discontinued. I hate to think about replacing them.

It is wonderful when you stumble on great gear. You can buy a half-a-dozen replacements trying to find another thing that is just as good and end up with half-a-dozen pieces on a shelf, rarely worn.

Testing Slideshare embedding

This is just a test of embedding a Slideshare slide show into a WordPress post. This is not my presentation.

Okay. I’m getting closer. At least I get the frame for the slide show. The one above is using the slideshare imbed in WordPress link along with a plugin from Joost de Valk

Below is the long embed in you blog URL with div tags and everything.

How about this one:

That one works: Now how about an animated show with sound: